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Mighty Body Balm & Pomade Products Artisanal Massage Oil Blend.

Use Mighty Body Balm & Pomade Products for external use only. Keep in cool places such as bathrooms or refrigerator. Keep away from small children,  direct sun light and away from warm spaces (65 degree Celsius or higher).

Artisanal massage oil blend. Wellness regimen

What rhymes with Artisanal massage oil? Wellness. Just kidding!!!

Apply Mighty Body Balm & Pomade products during a massage to reduce friction to LIPS, NAILS, HEELS, HAIR, SKIN and feel the difference. No preservatives so please do not use sparingly.

Wearable aromatherapy

Artisanal Massage Oil Blend

 Use wellness products such as these with your wellness regime every day. Keep away from children. Store in cool places, away from direct sun light. Keep away warm spaces (Above 65 degree Celsius). For external use only.

User testimonials

What people are saying...

Okay here we go. First I like how it smells in my hands. I like Majestic. The smell of the ingredients is soothing. I use it on my boys too. They liked it. It helped keep Uriah's mind a bit more focused, which is great! The Floral is better for night time. Love how the hair seems to absorb and keeps shine even after sleeping on cotton sheets which can dry hair and skin. Skin seems to be revitalized, even after exposure to sun and chlorine water. I have found, It takes 2-3 days to get rid of a pimple and 4-5 to see a difference of a dark spot on face. For night time use on the face it helps with brightening and over all texture. Its doesn't easily rinse away if you wash your hands so your skin holds the moisture longer. Great on scraps and bruises.
Latoya S.
Tampa Florida 

I use the floral product in my hair after I get out of the shower. My hair stays frizz free all day and my hair no longer has that dry look. Thank you for the opportunity to try this.
L Herman
Sacramento Ca

ANNOINT ME HAHAHA. I have to say the smell is very soothing. I use it on my break outs and it took the  tight feeling away from under my skin I noticed it lubricated my pores and with 2 to 3 days my black heads came out with barely touching it. A week later my pores size seemed to shrink... I like that!  I like the smells of both but like the FLORAL product over the MAJESTIC.
Athens Ga


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